Board 2020/2021

We are proud to present our current board for the period 2020-2021. Please don't hesitate to contact anyone of us with your questions and ideas regarding the European Forum Alpbach!

Co-President Emma Berglund

First time in Alpbach: 2019
Education:  BSc. Development studies 
Occupation: Abroad semester in Seoul, south Korea
Interests:  Travels, people and noodles

"I came to Alpbach without expectations and left with so many great memories" - Emma 2019

Co-President Max Rosvall

First time in Alpbach: 2018
Education:  MSc. Sociotechnical systems engineering & BSc. Business 
Occupation: Final year of studies
Interests: Solar energy, brain science & kite surfing

"I'm going back to Alpbach mainly because of the diverse educational and cultural mix of people" - Max 2019

Secretary Emma Engman

First time in Alpbach: 2016
Education:  MSc. Business & Economics with specialization in Sustainable Business
Occupation: Sustainability Strategist
Interests: Leadership, food & all things mountainy

"Best thing about alpbach is the people you meet" - Emma 2017