About us

Club Alpbach Sweden (CAS) was founded after 2016’s European Forum Alpbach (EFA) by six students who participated in the Forum, two Austrian students in Sweden acting as Ambassadors for the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) in Sweden and four Swedish first-time scholarship holders funded by the EFA Foundation. We all thought the Forum was such an amazing experience we wanted to make Alpbach known in Sweden and give more Swedish students the chance to experience the “Festival of Ideas” every summer in Alpbach.

CAS aims to provide students with the possibility to attend the Forum through scholarships. By this, CAS enables students and young professionals to develop skills and ideas while connecting with changemakers and thought leaders from the world. CAS also promotes the “Alpbach Spirit” in Sweden and brings a Swedish perspective to the EFA by both students and speakers is thereby part in the shaping of a sustainable Europe for future generations.

Based on the interest of the founding members, CAS also has a specific focus on sustainability questions. We try to incorporate this in how we work with the club as well as with selection of speakers and topics throughout the year.

CAS is registered as an independent association in Sweden, and collaborates with the Alpbach clubs around the world through the FAN.